Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression

Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression

Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression

The Kitchen Safe System is a fully automatic fire suppression solution designed for residential and domestic kitchens. It uses state-of-the-art digital technology to sense and respond to high temperatures and fire conditions swiftly and effectively.

This system meets the stringent requirements for domestic and residential kitchens, with third-party testing and approval to UL300A standards. Moreover, it provides an ideal solution for protecting cooktop areas in assisted living facilities, student accommodations, and domestic properties, where the cooktop poses significant risks for occupants or insurance providers.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Kitchen Safe is quick and easy to install. It is compatible with all two, four, and six-burner ranges. Additionally, you can install it next to the appliance or inside a kitchen cupboard, keeping it out of sight.

Innovative Design

This unique system features an easy-to-clean stainless steel wall-mounted cabinet. The cabinet houses the agent tank and electronics. Furthermore, the system includes a manifold with nozzle(s) and stainless steel hoses that connect to the cabinet.

Quick, Clean, Convenient, Safe!

Kitchen Safe operates automatically in the event of a fire. It eliminates the need for individuals to fight fires with conventional extinguishers or fire blankets. Furthermore, the system typically knocks down fires within 5 seconds of discharge. The remaining discharge time cools and ensures the affected area is completely safe.

After activation, you can easily clean the cooking area within minutes and have it ready for use. This process is much simpler than dealing with conventional extinguishers like dry powder types.

Remote Gas Detectors

The Kitchen Safe system includes a dedicated interface for remote gas detectors. It integrates into a BMS or fire alarm system. Therefore, if a fire occurs in remote locations, such as student accommodations, an alarm will raise in the central control area. Additionally, the system features an automatic fuel supply shut-off that cuts off gas and electric supplies upon discharge.

Power Supply Requirements

The system operates on a 240v AC, 3 amp power supply, ensuring it is always ready to protect your kitchen.

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